Why We Grow

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Moor Hill Farm is a small family owned certified organic farm in Maine. We have been producing a wide variety of vegetables and flowers as well as seedlings since 1991. Our farm uses the best organic practices including crop rotations with cover crops. We have left about half of our land in wilderness to further biodiversity. Over the years we have grown every plant that can grow in our Zone 4 climate and have done extensive variety testing as well as seed saving. 

    Recently we have decided to offer our garlic to online customers. Our favorite variety is German Extra Hardy. Starting with only five pounds over twenty years ago we have selected the best bulbs to replant and have developed an improved strain.  These things take time and are a labor of love. When we started our garlic it had two, three, or maybe four cloves, now it consistently has four to six cloves per bulb. They size up well, sometimes as much as three inches in diameter.  Our garlic is tested annually for a number of pathogens including root bloat nematode.

John and Michele Pino

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